Natural Carpet

Sisal - Coir - Seagrass - Jute

Natural flooring is by its very nature NATURAL and reacts in areas of high moisture and heat. Excessive dampness may occasionally cause shrinkage or mould so we do not recommend any of our products, except 100% wool range, for bathrooms or kitchens. Sisal is extracted from the leaves of a plant grown in tropical South American Climes.

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Beautiful natural carpets for your home or office

Vinyl & Resilient Flooring

Choosing Flooring: Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable resilient flooring solutions available. And depending on the wear surface you choose, materials costs can be up to 70% less than other flooring materials.

Easy installation, versatility, low maintenance and high durability make vinyl a popular flooring choice.

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Quality vinyl flooring supplied and expertly fitted

Modern & Traditional Carpet

Makes Your House a Home

Nothing completes the look of a well decorated room like a classy carpet.

We understand that carpets are the centerpiece of your home and that it is important to have the right choice, quality and style available. Our carpet selection is extremely varied in terms of colours, styles and weaves.

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Modern and traditional carpets from Carpet King of Doncaster

Our Carpet Business

Business Portfolio 960 Carpet King have many years experience in the carpet trade. We specialize in sea-grass, coir, natural flooring and sisal.

We do of course supply and fit all types of carpet and flooring as well. Full house deals from £550 and a huge selection of carpet designs and textured vinyl flooring, from budget to designer, modern and classic.

Professional fitting and fast delivery Chose in the comfort of your own home with our door to door service, covering Doncaster and surrounding areas.
We shop around for the best prices so you don't have to. 48 hour carpet fitting service on most ranges. We are a family run business with families in mind.

Carpet & Flooring Info


Coir & Jute

- Coir comes from the coconut husks found in the lush vegetation of Kerala, India.

Jute is made from the inner bark of the giant Cochurus plant grown also in India


Seagrass Carpets

- Seagrass is grown in the tropical climates of China and Vietnam and is harvested by hand, dried and spun in to cords before being woven into flooring.

Our natural flooring has a natural latex backing and our wool products are backed with natural jute.

Sisal is used for Carpets as well as many other uses


- Sisal is extracted from the leaves of a plant grown in tropical South American Climes.

In recent years sisal has been utilized as a strengthening agent to replace asbestos and fiberglass as well as an environmentally friendly component.